All-round service and security for trouble-free operation

Put it up quick and leave – this is not our motto. We are there to help in matters relating to the daily operation of your plant. We pride ourselves on the high efficiency and reliability of our biogas plants. So that they stay that way, our service people are always ready to help.

Our outstanding market position is attributed to our comprehensive services and the high quality of our products. EnviTec offers an all-round worry-free package – from planning, to financing and insurance, to commissioning, maintenance, and support. Thanks to our service offering the average efficiency of plants supported by EnviTec is greater than 90%.


Technical service


 The best service for your facility


Regular servicing and prescribed maintenance of all facility components protect against loss of income due to stand-still and breakdown. By using our technical service operators have the choice between part-time and full-time maintenance with take-over of the repair risk by EnviTec. If desired our trained specialists will also tend to the maintenance of BHKW including auxiliary drives, gas-, pump-, and agitator technology as well as measuring technology.

24 hour service

In case of emergency our technical service is there for you – 24 hours a day. Short delivery periods for important parts that have failed are our specialty. All components are on stock at all times. The standardised module-system by EnviTec offers crucial advantages – our facilities contain many non-variable parts, irrespective of the size of your plant.

Biological service

Starting up

Our biological service sees you through the start-up of your new plant at no extra charge and later you can get this service optionally at extra cost. This service does not only consist of plant data collection of the biogas facility by daily dialing into your host system but also of regular visits to your plant by our staff as well as schooling of the operator in your own facility.

Additionally we conduct regular testing of the fermenter biology and the fermenting potential of the input substances for accurate feeding recommendations and thus the optimal efficiency of your facility.


In our laboratory input substances and fermenting residue are examined for all important parameter and fermenting testing with different input substances is conducted.

Our scientific staff compares the quality of the different substrates by help of a data bank. Hence we can give you accurate feeding recommendations.

For checking the gas production in the running facility the real production is compared to the gas prognosis on a daily basis. This way, discrepancies can be detected at an early stage. Thus you can intervene and go against it at an early stage.

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